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My top 10 Favorite Albums

I thought I'd share the top 10 albums that fueled, and in some cases, still, fuel my fire. I've included links as well, so we can trip together.

In order of my experience of them here they are. 

Frampton Comes Alive

As you may know, there are a few magical songs on this live album, but what got me was the roar of the crowd, his voice, the sound of that guitar. I could really feel the energy. It was great! I would actually listen to this when I was about 7 years old, and I'd use the vacuum cleaner handle as my microphone stand and a tennis racquet as my guitar. Good Times Indeed!


Fair Warning

This album fades in like a dream to me. It's almost as if  I'm there in the studio watching Edward in the control room as the dream begins.Then the riff kicks in! "This is home, this is "Mean street "! Dave's voice and slightly out of pitch tones set the stage for angst and energy but the guitar playing is unmistakable and magical! Some of the sounds are just incredible on this. So organic, and the Riffs are just downright mean! I slip into a lucid state at "hear about it later". This is a song that defines my extremes. It's soft, intense, heavy, melodic, and harmonic. What a great song! Then there's tear the top off- "Unchained". It just gives it to you straight! The way it should be given... I was born to this album. "Dance babeh" 



Boston's first was such a great album to me. Not only for the music but for the fact it was one of the first albums I learned in its entirety. Both guitar parts. I felt like it was kind of a milestone accomplishment for me.


Diary of a madman

This Record kicks in with "Over the Mountain" such a great drum fill and the riff in the song just suspends me. Right through  "You can't kill rock n roll". Fantastic song!

Randy's playing is just impeccable on this record. It's noted in the fact that he could double his own solos. I recently had the pleasure of meeting his brother, Kelle Rhoads. He told me a story that one of the guitar teachers, who taught Randy at Musonia School of Music, said that a guy like Randy comes around once every 300 years. You can tell by the solo at the end of "Tonight", not to mention the masterpiece- Diary of a Madman!


Piece of mind

Another record that kicks in with a great drum fill. Aside from the single, flight of Icarus, this album was jam-packed with the best riffs. They inspired me to play for hours. Separating guitar harmonies etc. "The Trooper" even became a standard in our circle. If you didn't know it, well, you just weren't allowed to play. But some of the greatest stuff on this album was the lead break to "Still Life" and "To tame a land" 


Defenders of the faith 

Falling into my metal years I kept it going with this epic recording!

Freewheel burning, Jaw-breaker, Rock hard ride free, The Sentinel. Need I say more? The guitar solos on this album are just amazing and really set the bar high for me trying to learn them and these songs. Thank you, Priest! 


Surfing with the alien

This was a Non-Stop assault on my ability to hone in my guitar skills. I'm STILL working on it! Every song is a gem on this. However, "echo" and "circles", really put me in a daze and I loved learning and playing along with these songs.


Guitar shop

This album flew over my head the first time I heard it. I was like what's this?! I was in Los Angeles at the time recording with Drive. Rick Chavez pops this on to test out some new speakers and I just didn't get it. 3 years later I came across it in a suitcase of all places. I said, "ok why not ", and I put it in. It was like meeting God. As amazing as all the music is that I've listed and have listened to, this album really gave me a sense of artistic curiosity. A kind of- "how does he do that?" feeling! "Behind the veil" set me floating, "Where were you" sounded like a siren singing out in the middle of the ocean, some notes on "Two Rivers" touched my soul!  This was a lesson in musical maturity for me. I was humbled.


Ten Summoners Tales

Sting put out a video of Ten Summoner's Tales and they made it seem like it was a weekend of just recording and playing. It very well may have been but I just fell in love with this version of the album. It was raw, the melodies were beautiful, songwriting sophisticated, not that the others weren't, but it just had an air of cleanliness to it that really intrigued me. It was deep, philosophical and overall digestible, both musically and lyrically as well.

Room for squares

John really brought out the acoustic side of me. Every song on this album is just poignant and sincere. I really needed this album at the time. He still has plenty of other great songs I love and I still follow his career closely

The list keeps growing so maybe top 20 next time?

 Thank you for indulging me and I hope you enjoyed this!

What are your top 10?



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